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Immersion Training Center

   Immersion Training Center has taken on a new look which has even more precision and refinement, giving us the ability to go more places and become more effective in training the leaders in the local church on topics such as; Supernatural Service, Submission and Authority, Understanding the Anointing and more.

   We always tailor-fit the teaching, and follow the leading of the spirit according to the need of the local body we are ministering to, bring a greater level of revelation and impartation to the  church.





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The Island


In December of 2016 RMI went to Cuba to film a documentary on the "underground" church on the island. There is a rapidly-growing body of believers that are under constant persecution from the regime because they refuse to let the government dictate how they worship. This a preview of the documentary with interviews from some of the pastors who continue to boldly stand, believing that Cuba will one day be free. If you would like to receive a copy of the full documentary, please email us at