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Since 2004 when they were married, it has been the mission of Pablo and Katie Ruiz to
share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever God has called them to go. The passion
that drives them is not only to see people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus
Christ, but to fulfill the call, plan and purpose of God for their lives.

Currently based out of Longmont, in the Front Range of Colorado, they have shared the
gospel of Jesus Christ in churches and Bible Schools all over the US, Mexico, Canada,
Peru, Chile, Argentina, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and
Nicaragua. However, the country where they have been focusing the majority of their
time is Cuba. God has opened a great door for them there. They have preached in the
“underground” church, launched a virtual Christian bookstore where millions of Bibles
and Christian books have been downloaded, broadcast a Bible Institute that has been
spread nationwide, sent food to those in need and taken essential supplies that are
scarce or unavailable to the people on the Island.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Pablo was raised in the traditions of the Catholic Church,
but when he witnessed the miraculous works of God in his family he knew he had to do
something more than warm a seat in a local church. In 2003 he enrolled in the
DOMATA Minister’s Training School in Santiago, Chile where he met Katie, who had
been teaching there since 2001.

Kate began her missionary adventure when she moved to Manila in the Philippines at
age 19. This led her to Chile, where she met Pablo.

They were married in June 2004 and have been ministering together ever since. Initially
they continued in various capacities at DOMATA, until 2006 when the Lord led them to
move to the USA to serve Pastor Rocky Veach in New York and further their mentorship
in all aspects of the ministry.

In 2010 Pablo & Katie followed the leading of the Spirit to step out and begin Immersion
Training Centers. ITC is a short-term school to train those who were serving in the local
church. They hosted ITC schools in Alabama, Texas, Mexico, Peru, Argentina & Chile.

After living in New York, Alabama and Texas the Lord sent them back to Colorado to
base their ministry out of Katie’s home town and raise their daughters Gabriela and

The Ruiz family have always purposed to do what God has called them to do no matter
where or what it may be. If you would like Pablo and Katie to minister in your church or
Bible School, you can email or call them via the CONTACT US tab on their website.

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