Many are called, but few follow. And it is a paradox to learn after you have surrendered your life for
Christ that He chose you, and yet, we have to choose Him. Such was the quandry Pablo Ruiz found
himself in when he was saved. Though raised in a Christian home in Mendoza, Argentina, he didn’t fully
embrace the faith.

However, after rededicating his life to the Lord, Pablo knew he had to pursue God in the fullest sense of
loving God with all his heart, soul, and might. After moving from Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago de
Chile he landed at the Domata Ministers Training School where he started serving in different capacities
as a student and volunteer. That year he met Katie, his future wife, from Longmont, Colorado (That’s a
whole other story best left for him to tell). That was 2003.

Born and raised in Colorado, Katie was one of the Domata staffers, having worked at the school in Chile
since 2001 and prior to that helping in DOMATA Philippines. In 2004 Pablo and Katie were married and
served as administrators of the school until 2006 when the Lord led them to serve Pastor Rocky Veach in
New York. Pablo had only a rudimentary grasp of the English language at the time, but the Lord
rewarded his commitment and in due time he became Pastor Rocky’s right hand man while also
overseeing other aspects of the Connections Church and ministry.
At the same time Pablo and Katie were overseeing a church planting organization as well as conducting
medical and dental missions in South and Central America.

In 2010 the Lord led Pablo and Katie to step out into their own ministry. They started a short term
leadership training school called Immersion Training Centers. Through ITC they have taught students
Biblically based leadership principles in Argentina, Peru, Chile, and the United States.

It was 2015 when Pablo received a word from the Lord. Just one word: Cuba. He didn’t know exactly
what that meant so a visit was in order. Since then he has had the opportunity to preach the gospel on the
island with many receiving Christ’s salvation. A scant three years later and over one-million e-books and
Bibles have been delivered in Cuba. Though the church has been repressed there for decades, it clearly
did not die. In fact, Cuba’s Christians can’t wait for travel restrictions to drop so they can export the
revival they are experiencing – especially to America.

In these turbulent times many people throughout the world have a hunger for the good news of the
gospel of Jesus Christ. It is their desire to share the gospel to anyone, in any nation, who has ears to
hear. Pablo and Katie travel thought the US and wherever else the Lord opens doors for them to go;
equipping the body, inspiring believers to fulfill the call of God for their lives and reaching those who are
in need..